What will my photo shoot be like?

In three words, FUN! FUN! FUN! —Okay that was one word, but that’s all you will say at the end of your sessions.  First and foremost, your senior portraits are very important so you want to look good; but in order to look good, you have to feel good.   Secondly, Mr. Hamilton will spend time with you before the shoot discussing exactly the kinds of photos you want.  You can bring pictures from a magazine or the internet to show him what you like.  He listens! (Oh—and he listens to parents, as well.).  Emerill’s professionalism, patience, and down-to-Earth personality help to put the most camera-shy seniors at ease.  In fact, many seniors comment how it hardly even seemed that they were being photographed at all!  Your confidence will be boosted once he shows you a few of his creations on the back of the camera. 

What makes your portraits look so much better?

Emerill Hamilton Photography works with each client to create art, not just portraits.  Whether your look is serious, smiling or both – Emerill Hamilton Photography portraits are full of natural expressions.  This is what separates Mr. Hamilton from all other photographers.  Some seniors think if someone has a ‘good camera’, then they can take good pictures.  Of course, it’s not the camera that takes the pictures--- only the skill, knowledge and creativity of the person behind the camera can get the shot. 

How long will it take to see my pictures?

Usually in 2-5 days after your session, Emerill Hamilton Photography will email you the web link and password to view your Private Password-protected Online Photo Gallery.  You will see your portraits in really nice slide show set to music for your viewing at home on your computer screen.

Do you sell photos for my Facebook page?

No, because we include them at no charge! You will get a FREE Facebook photo for each pose you order from.  All image poses you order from will be posted on our Facebook page for you to tag and share on-line also.

What if I don't like my pictures?

Every effort is made to create portraits you will love and be proud to own and give away.  If you’re not happy with your portraits when you see your previews, if the problem can’t be fixed, we’ll do more poses at no charge or refund your money. When you receive your finished portraits, if something isn’t right, let us know within 3 business days and we’ll fix the problem, even if we have to completely remake the order, or refund your money. You are never at risk of being dissatisfied.  We guarantee our work because we want you to be absolutely thrilled with your senior portraits.  We stand behind our photography unconditionally. 


When should these portrait be taken? My kid hasn’t even begun her senior year yet. What’s the rush?


Seniors portraits are typically taken during the spring and summer BEFORE the start of your child’s senior year.  Seniors are already filling up our schedule FAST.   The portraits you see on our website look as good as they do because we spend a lot of time with each senior.  Unfortunately, this limits the number of students we can photograph during the year, so it’s very important that you schedule yours right now.  Every year we have to turn away seniors, who waited too long, so don’t delay—call right now!