Get Professional Headshots that match your business goals and brand in the convenience of your company’s office or at your home.  

When you choose Emerill Hamilton Photography (EHP) for Professional Headshot Services, you get more than just a photo.   You receive a product that reflects your Personal Branding.  As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Your Professional Headshot is a key part of your branding that predetermines who people perceive you to be.  Effective Personal Branding will differentiate you from other professionals in your field.  

Don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera?  Never been thrilled with taking photos?  

Emerill’s first goal is to make sure you feel comfortable from the first conversation to being in front of the camera.  Through his expertise and knowledge, he creates a whole experience that is enjoyable by making sure you are completely at ease and not overly posing you.  Emerill’s personality makes you feel comfortable and not nervous. He takes your ideas and transforms them into amazing photos that encompass you and your Personal Brand.  Emerill genuinely cares about you and your business.  

Discover the many uses for your Professional Headshot?  

Through the photo session planning consultation, Emerill works with you to plan out exactly what photos are needed for your website, lead magnets, social medial profile images, so that nothing is missed.  Emerill makes all the preparations so that your photo session exceeds your expectations. Your Personal Brand is important to Emerill Hamilton Photography. 

When you choose a photo session with Emerill Hamilton Photography, you are not just getting a photographer, but you are getting a Branding Expert, Stylist, and Consultant---All In One.